8 Ways to Upcycle your Coural Care Jars

So you finished up your jars of Coural Care, now what? We keep the planet as a focus in all the decisions we make including our conscious packaging and something that’s even better than recycling is reusing. While we’re working on having more refill options, think about how you can reuse your jars and give them a new life. Below are 8 ideas to help you get started!


We’re all about self care, and some relaxing candle lit time is perfect to add in! Have fun with a DIY craft then sit back and relax with your new candle. We made ours in our Kiwi Moisturizer and Face + Body Sunscreen jars with natural soy wax flakes and added in some essential oils for a refreshing natural fragrance.

Don’t want to make your own candle? Get crafty with some wire, beads, and string  to make a cute lantern or candle holder for a candle you already have around. Your Face + Body Sunscreen jars works best for this!

Maybe you can't stop adding succulents into your plant family, we feel you. Use your Face + Body Sunscreen and Kiwi Moisturizer jars to give your newest additions a nice little home. Bonus if you get your succulents from your local farmers market!


You have your travel sized skincare and now you need some containers to organize your other travel must haves; look no further than your used jars! We love our Face Sunscreen and Kiwi Moisturizer jars to pack jewelry and any vitamins and medicine coming along.


Organization is key to amping up your productivity. Your paper clips, tacks, pens, and other odds and ends can find a home in your Sunscreen and Kiwi Moisturizer jars. Don't forget to use the lids too!


Your bathroom should be a nice clean oasis where you can enjoy getting ready! Use your Face + Body Sunscreen and Kiwi Moisturizer jars to help organize your q-tips, cotton rounds, hair clips and ties.


Use your bigger containers like the Face + Body Sunscreen, Rose Toner Refill, and Orange Blossom Cleanser, as a small vase to a little greenery to your room or living space. Works perfect with dried flowers too!


So over single use to-go bags and containers? We are too. Use your jars for snacks and beverages on the go! We love putting nuts and dried fruit in our Kiwi Moisturizer and Face + Body Sunscreen jars. If you’re more of a beverage person, these jars are perfect for bringing your iced coffee and tea to go and for storing coffee grounds and loose tea.


Did you try one of these or reuse them in other ways? Post a picture and tag us on Instagram or comment below!

*Prior to reusing your jars, we recommend washing them with warm water and soap or boiling jars for 10 minutes and let sit in boiling water for 10 minutes. 

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