Earth Month Giveaway: Weekly Eco-Challenges

April is Earth Month and it's time to show our beautiful planet how much we love it! Every week in the month of April we will be giving away one 2oz jar of sunscreen to someone who participates in our weekly eco-challenge and follows the entry rules below. Visit this page every Monday for the new weekly challenge. 

Follow the steps below to be entered:

  1. Follow @couralcare on Instagram

  2. Post a picture on your Instagram story* of you participating in the weekly eco-challenge

  3. Tag @couralcare on your IG story

  4. Include #earthmonth on your IG story

  5. You’re entered! Weekly winners will be announced every Sunday at 12pm PST

*if your Instagram profile is private, please screenshot your story and direct message it to us to make sure you're entered 

Week #1 Eco-Challenge:

Reduce your carbon footprint by biking, walking, carpooling or taking public transportation to your destinations. Snap a picture of your bike, skateboard, a selfie carpooling or on public transportation, or even your walking shoes!

Week #2 Eco-Challenge: 

Green Groceries: make your food shopping more sustainable!  Shop locally, look for food items with less packaging, and support your local farmers markets. Don’t forget to bring your reusable produce and shopping bags!




Week #3 Eco-Challenge: 

Reduce your waste: Choose to use reusable items like water bottles, coffee cups, utensils, straws, bags, napkins, etc. If you want to challenge yourself to take it a step further try to make a new swap this week! Like using a silicone baking sheet instead of aluminum foil, a bar of soap instead of plastic packaged body wash, silicone bags or beeswax wraps instead of plastic baggies, or start using a reusable item you haven't yet tried!

Week #4 Eco-Challenge: 

Reduce your food waste: When food is wasted all the energy to produce, package, and transport the food is wasted too. Try to plan ahead and buy exactly what you need (especially when it comes to fresh fruit and veggies), use veggie scraps to make a homemade broth, freeze food that looks like it’s on route to going bad, and compost if you can! Follow us on Instagram for more food waste reducing tips for the eco-challenge of the week.  


Giveaway tips and details:

  • There will be a giveaway every week in the month of April. New eco-challenge weekly but same rules to enter
  • Each time you post on your story = one entry. No limits on how many times you can post. Entries do not roll over every week.
  • Check out our #earthmonth story highlight on Instagram for picture ideas
  • Winner will receive one 2oz jar of sunscreen ($42 value)
  • Winner announced on Monday each week at 12 PM PST

Happy Earth Month, let's show mamma nature what we can do.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

-Howard Zinn




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