Green Friday - join the #greenfriday party
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Green Friday - join the #greenfriday party

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We didn’t have a Black Friday sale because Green Friday is the new Black Friday and we'll be celebrating it until the end of 2018. Here’s what we're doing instead: (keep reading so you can join the party)

'Tis the season for giving - back to Mother Earth - and we want to see how you help our planet. Green Friday is a way we can show the earth a little extra love during this season of particularly high consumption.  SO we’re giving you 25% off your order of any size when you participate in #greenfriday.  (yup, it's a win-win)

How do you do that?
1. Snap a pic of you doing something good for the planet. Here are a few ideas:

    • Using something reusable like a cup, straw, utensil, or bag
    • Wearing your favorite second hand/thrifted piece of clothing or accessory
    • Carpooling with a friend!
    • Shopping local - like buying produce and goodies from your local farmers market
    • There are tons of green things you can do and we want to see your way of helping the planet!

2. Post your pic on your Instagram feed, Instagram story, OR Facebook feed
3. Tag @couralcare in your post
4. Include #greenfriday 
5. Bam: Posting any day from 11/21 to 12/31 will be a valid entry and the discount is now YOURS

*Please note: If your account is on private, please take a screenshot of your post and directly send it to us on Instagram, Facebook, or at

    So during this holiday season, enjoy time with your loved ones and show our planet a little extra love. xo