Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's day is upon us and if you’re looking for a reason to treat yourself or spoil your friends with some self-care, this gift guide is for you.


Daily Face SPF: for anyone and everyone because SPF is an everyday must

Not only will SPF help protect your skin but it is also key to minimizing premature aging. Your skin might not burn frequently, but you’re still exposing your skin to damaging UV rays. While UVB rays are primarily responsible for burning your skin, UVA rays deeply penetrate your skin and are responsible for premature aging and skin cancer, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. UVA rays penetrate through clouds and windows, so even when you’re in the car or out on a cloudy day, don’t forget to lather your SPF. 

Face + Body SPF: for you or that friend who is always hiking, surfing, or just out and about all day

Sunscreen is always on the checklist before heading out for an adventure. When you’re active or in the water, it’s especially important to reapply every 80 minutes. Our mineral face + body sunscreen is made with all plant-based ingredients and is 80 minutes water resistant for all your outdoor activities. It’s made with the same glorious formula as our face spf because we believe you should use the same goodness on your face as you do on your body.  

Rose Toner Spray: for your friend who is constantly on the go 







If you or your friend is always on the go, the dual functionality of our toner spray is perfect for you. If you’re looking to remove excess dirt and makeup, use a cotton pad or soft reusable cloth to gently remove impurities. If you’re on the go and need to freshen up a bit, use as a spritz on your face, or even your body, and you will be left with a natural, fresh scent, thanks to the 6 organic essential oils featured in this toner.

Orange Blossom Cleanser: for your skincare obsessed friend because Hyaluronic Acid is everything

If you’re a skincare fanatic you’ve probably seen Hyaluronic Acid (HA) everywhere lately and we are here for it and its hydrating glory. Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that is naturally found in the body and “is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water.” However, the natural production of HA declines with age. Since HA is responsible for the plumpness and volume of your skin, it’s important to add it in your skincare routine. When applied to your skin, it attracts and holds onto moisture in your skin cells, leaving your skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Travel + Cleanser Travel Set: for your friend that is always traveling 

If you’re a traveling fanatic you probably have your stash of travel sized personal care products ready to go. Our cleanser and toner travel sized duo is a must for your next adventure. 100% plant based ingredients, plastic free packaging, and TSA size approved to keep you fresh and clean during every adventure. 

Kiwi Brightening Moisturizer: for your skincare loving bestie who knows there's no such thing as too much skincare

We all have a friend who is obsessed with skincare and this is the perfect gift to tell them, “you glow girl”. This moisturizer brightens your skin thanks to Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Water. Kiwi is a Vitamin C rich ingredient that actually has more Vitamin C than oranges. Board certified dermatologist, Patricia Wexler, explains that Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and aid in your skin’s natural regeneration process by repairing damaged skin cells. She also adds that Vitamin C “promotes collagen production [...] essential for firm, youthful skin” making Vitamin C rich products a must in your skincare routine.
Skin Care Essentials Kit: for you or a friend who wants to transition to clean skincare or just wants overhaul your skincare routine 

Can’t decide which item to try? This starter kit is the perfect way to sample them all; Cleanse, tone, moisturizer, then apply SPF. At Coural Care, we keep the health of your body and the planet in mind in all we do and we will always be plant-based, reef-safe, and cruelty-free. Plus, this set comes  free of plastic packaging, so you can protect and nourish your skin without harming the environment. 

Reusable Tote Bag: for your farmer’s market loving, environmentally-conscious friend

A trip to the farmer’s market or grocery storeisn’t complete without bringing your reusable tote. According to The Center for Biological Diversity, plastic bags are used on average for about 12 minutes but take at least 500 years to degrade in a landfill. Make the plastic-free swap with our durable, beachy tote bag.

Sticker Set: for your reusable water bottle that needs a little personality

Give your water bottle a  makeover with our beachy sticker sets. A sticker comes with every order, or if you want them all, click here. Perfect for you and a friend this Galentine's Day.

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