In the Media

July 2020
Shoutout SoCal
Founder Courtney Michael was interviewed by Shoutout Socal for their segment where entrepreneurs talk about the thought process behind starting their business.
April 2020
The Paddle Xaminer:
PaddleXaminer provides stories and product reviews for the paddling community. Coural Care was featured in their Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide.
July 2019
Your Teen Magazine:
Coural Care was featured in the "Stuff We Love Section" of YourTeen Magazine, a magazine trusted by 25,000+ parents.
May 2019
A Bold One Podcast:
Founder, Courtney Michael, talks all things sunscreen, sustainability, and startup shenanigans including quitting her full time job to build Coural Care. 

April 2019
SD Voyager Magazine:
San Diego's Most Inspiring Stories. Meet Courtney Michael of Coural Care in Ocean Beach

October 2018
Dr. Kimberly Jerdan, MD, FAAD:
Every once in awhile you get a sweet patient who gets a devastating #melanoma diagnosis. Luckily...


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